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Ultra Art Enterprises
Walt Flood, Agent/Manager

The Ultra Art Enterprises team
Greg Wilson (Website Designer), Elliko Heimbach, Tom McCluskey (Artist),
Walt Flood (Agent), Martyna Mroz, Grzegorz Mroz (Videographer, Websites Designer)

      Walt Flood met Tom McCluskey, back in 1974, when Tom was a struggling artist in West Hollywood, California. Rick Brand introduced Tom to Walt and said that Tom is an amazing artist and needs an agent. At that time, Walt had a stable of actors, musicians, and models under his agency, but no artists. Tom had never had an art exhibition, had no oil/acrylic paintings in any gallery, and was selling and/or trading his paintings/prints for rent, food, or just giving them away to friends and family.

       It was definitely a diamond in the rough and it was going to take a lot of resources to polish this rock into an internationally famous and renowned fine artist. In some ways, or in many ways, fine artists (painters) are just like actors/actresses, musicians, and writers, because only a small percentage (2%-3%) ever make it to the top.

       Tom received his first supply of art supplies when he was 5 years old (in 1957), so he had already been painting for 20 years - he was totally dedicated, and after fifty two (52) years, he's still painting.

       We officially launched Tom's art career in 1997, in Australia, and over the next five years he had over 37 group exhibitions, a dozen solo-exhibitions, appeared on TV 4-times, and was written up in local newspapers and magazines.

       In 2002 we returned to Hawaii and Tom continued painting, where he has displayed his art work at a dozen more exhibitions, as well as winning a number of awards, and now in 2009 we are launching his website.

       Walt Flood is still Tom McCluskey's agent/manager, and after 36-years the partnership is stronger than ever, now it's time to introduce McCluskey Ultra Art to the Art World.

Walt Flood, Agent
Phone: 808-922-1659 * Fax: 1-866-912-8984 (Toll Free)
2092 Kuhio Ave, Home Office, Honolulu, HI 96815-2134
E-mail: WaltFlood@gmail.com

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