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Tom Solo The Artist

Tom McCluskey started painting with traditional oils at the age of seven, and became serious about his favourite art form: "Surrealism" as a teenager. Now, after more than 40 years of experience with colours, light, shape and symbolism, he has been able to master the electronic world of Digital Surrealism (Computer Art)

This Digital Artist envisions his images, in their completed form, before assembling basic geometric shapes into recognizable 3-D objects. Then arranging these realistic subjects in cyberspace with multiple light sources and "Fractal Geometry Nature" (clouds, rocks, water, etc.) an exciting little dream world is created.

There is no photography, commercial art, or clip art, used at any stage, during the production of these original one-off) Giclée digital prints. This is what makes these works "Fine Art" and not simply a "photo collage".

The Product
The artist takes weeks to "design" the image on his Power Mac, and then "several" days for the computer to "render", or to increase the image file to the highest resolution (perceived at 1800 dpi) for printing. The IRIS, Roland and/or HP ink-jet printers produces photo-quality images (aka: Giclée) with brilliant, accurate colours and smooth, subtle tones. The printer utilises pigment-based UV resistant inks for maximum longevity, and the images can be printed on genuine canvas, or high quality acid free paper.

The 3-D effect is awesome when viewed with ChromaDep™ glasses, and the images come alive with the viewer flying into a world of three dimensions.

"Natural Fractal Harmony", by Thomas McCluskey
The most elusive and endearing quality in any work of art is to please the subconscious mind with an aesthetic depiction of universal harmony. This can now be consciously achieved for the first time in human history due to the simplification and crystallization of Fractal Geometry within the limited memory of the computer.

In its most simplified form, a Fractal Pattern is "The repetition of shape with a constant change in the size or rate at which that shape is depicted". In linear fashion it is like the branching of a tree, or river system. With concentric rings we get the ripples on the surface of a pond. And with spheres within spheres we can visually represent planetary atmospheres, the glow of a candle, or even the radiation of sound waves, in all directions from a single source.

The computer screen is a 2-dimensional surface on which line, shape, and color can be manipulated to represent a 3-dimensional world. It has recently been demonstrated in the medical laboratory that the visual palette of the human mind (visual cortex) is in fact the relatively flat surface at the back of the brain. The 3-dimensional real world we see in our minds is achieved in exactly the same way as it is in the computer. So we do indeed think with fractal geometry.

Back in 1970, at only 19 years old, I experienced the delightful realization that my genetically inborn talent had developed enough to paint reality or fantasy in photographic detail. But it took another quarter of a century for computers to evolve as a tool for realistic detail in Art.

During the last 25 years, while continuing to paint, I learned all I could about reality and fantasy by studying everything from universal physics to human psychology and my own subconscious mind.

During the period of 1996 to 2001 I was creating fantasy worlds within the 3-dimensional world of wire frame cyberspace ("Digital Surrealism"). It was an experience in layering and blending fractal patterns with the aesthetic sensitivity of a fine art painter's intense emotions. "Fractal Harmony" was then achieved.

  • 30th Annual "Commitment to Excellence" Art Exhibition sponsored by the Honolulu Japanese Chamber of Commerce, "The Elegance of Nature" - 3rd Place (Aug 18, 2008)
  • "Living Harmony Exhibition", Honolulu Channel Nine News (Jan. 7, 2002)
  • Taped Interview on "5:30pm News", Gold Coast Channel Nine (Jan. 3, 2001)
  • "Saturday Today Show", Prime Television, Queensland Channel Nine (Dec. 16, 2000)
  • "Annual International Miniature Art Exhibition", Channel Nine News (Oct 1, 1999)
  • "Bush to Beach", Channel Seven - Prime News (July 24, 1998)
  • "Tomorrows Treasures 1998", Channel Nine News (July 6, 1998)
  • Taped Interview: "Artist at Work", Channel Nine News (Dec. 12, 1997)
  • Taped Interview on "Prime News" (November 23, 1997)


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