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Acrylic Paintings Photographed under
Fluorescent Blacklight, Page 2

Page 1 (Paintings 1A - 99A)
Page 2 (Paintings 100A - 313A)

106A. Tommy Colors #3 (16x20) 111A. Dripping Lava II (11x14) 115A. The Elegance of Nature II (30x40) 119A. Nervous Energy II (20x24)
106A. Tommy Colors #3
(16" x 20")
111A. Dripping Lava II
(11" x 14")
115A. The Elegance of Nature II
(30" x 40")
119A. Nervous Energy II
(20" x 24")
164A. Father of Physics- Sir Issac Newton (20x24) 178A. Aesthetic Perfection (30x36) 182A. November Magic (30x40) 183A. Glass Tile Mosaic (30x40)
164A. The Father of Physics
(20" x 24")
178A. Aesthetic Perfection
(30" x 36")
182A. November Magic
(30" x 40")
183A. Glass Tile Mosaic
(30" x 40")
208A. Sound Wave Dissonance (37x25) 229A. Shimmer (36x30) 230A. Gray Storm (25.5x30) 233A. It Takes Two (24x24)
208A. Sound Wave Dissonance
(37" x 25")
229A. Shimmer
(36" x 30")
230A. Gray Storm
(25.5" x 30")
233A. It Takes Two
(24" x 24")
234A. Full Bloom (36x36) 239A. Trees 30 Years Ago Circa 1974 (31x37) 246A. Cool Yellow (24x30) 247A. Warm Orange (24x30)
234A. Full Bloom
(36" x 36")
239A. Trees 30 Years Ago Circa 1974
246A. Cool Yellow
247A. Warm Orange
251A. Fractal Frenzy (18x22) 252A. Rainbow of Colors (16x20) 259A. Surfer Wahine (18x24) 260A. More Yellow (24x30)
251A. Fractal Frenzy
(18" x 22")
252A. Rainbow of Colors
(16" x 20")
259A. Surfer Wahine
(18" x 24")
260A. More Yellow
(24" x 30")
159A. Swoosh (20x24) 261A. 3D Grid Flow (30x40) 262A. Fulfillment (18x24) 263A. Mosaic (20x24)
159A. Swoosh
(20" x 24")
261A. 3D Grid Flow
(30" x 40")
262A. Fulfillment
(18" x 24")
263A. Mosaic
(20" x 24")
306A. Cyprus Tree (11x14) 309A. Lady Tree (11x14) 310A. Orange Sunset Tree (11x14) 311A. Pixie Dust (20x24)
306A. Cyprus Tree
(11" x 14")
309A. Lady Tree
(11" x 14")
310A. Orange Sunset Tree
(11" x 14")
311A. Pixie Dust
(20" x 24")
161A. 1967 July (18x24) 313A. Twinkle Tree (11x14) Splash (48x36) Finesse (20x24)
161A. 1967 July
(18" x 24")
313A. Twinkle Tree
(11" x 14")
(48" x 36")
(20" x 24")

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