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Ultraviolet Acrylic Paintings, Page 1

Ultra Art Enterprises

Acrylic Paintings Photographed under
Fluorescent Blacklight, Page 1

Page 1 (Paintings 1A - 99A)
Page 2 (Paintings 100A - 313A)

1A. Double Fluid Spectral Vortex (16x20) 2A. A Different Spin (16x20) 4A. Walter (11x14) 5A. The Color of Hello (30x40)
1A. Double Fluid Spectral Vortex
(16" x 20")
2A. A Different Spin
(16" x 20")
4A. Walter
(11" x 14")
5A. The Color of Hello
(30" x 40")
11A. Surfer Girl (16x20) 12A. First Space 2008 (36x34) 14A. Mosaic Flowers II (16x20) 16A. Breaking Waves (23x27)
11A. Surfer Girl
(16" x 20")
12A. First Space 2008
(36" x 24")
14A. Mosaic Flowers II
(16" x 20")
16A. Breaking Waves
(23" x 27")
8A. Abstract Intensity (36x48) 19A. Bewilderment (16.5x21) 21A. Checkered Abstract (24x30)
8A. Abstract Intensity
(36" x 48")
19A. Bewilderment
(16.5" x 21")
21A. Checkered Abstract
(24" x 30")
24A. Single Bloom (12x16) 25A. Stripe Shadow Orchid (16x20) 27A. Storm Tree Rainbow (23x29)
24A. Single Bloom
(12" x 16")
25A. Stripe Shadow Orchid
(16" x 20")
27A. Storm Tree Rainbow
(23" x 29")
44A. Palm Trees #1 (11x14) 45A. Hula Girl in a Cloud (12x16) 46A. Hula Over The Moon (16x20) 47A. Hula Boy Sunset (16x20)
44A. Palm Trees #1
(11" x 14")
45A. Hula Girl in a Cloud
(12" x 16")
46A. Hula Over The Moon
(16" x 20")
51A. Blue Beads
(8" x 10")
47A. Tree Faces (30x24) 52A. Checker + Drips #3 (11x14) 55A. Elements of Design (16x20) 67A. Signal Glass (18x24)
51A. Blue Beads
(8" x 10")
52A. Checker + Drips #3
(11" x 14")
55A. Elements of Design
(16" x 20")
67A. Signal Glass
(18" x 24")
70A. Refined Quality (36x48) 75A. Tom in 1974 (11x14) 78A. Leaf Fern (9x12)
70A. Refined Quality
(36" x 48")
75A. Tom in 1974
(11" x 14")
78A. Leaf Fern
(9" x 12")
84A. Wild Zebra Flowers #2 (12x16) 95A. High Frequency Chromatic (30x40) 98A. Birthday Flowers with Checkered (16x20)
84A. Wild Zebra Flowers #2
(12" x 16")
95A. High Frequency Chromatic
(30" x 40")
98A. Birthday Flowers-Checkered
(16" x 20")

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